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Aluminum fence

Aluminum is a decorative, easy to install fence material that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many local homeowners' associations are mandating aluminum as the only material option to be installed in their communities. Due to it's security and minimal upkeep, it is no wonder that aluminum is popular and a great choice for inexpensive pool fencing. Aluminum is also recyclable, making it the optimum material for customers wanting to be more environmentally friendly.

Most aluminum fences are black, and come with either 2 or 3 horizontal rails. Style options include: Flat Top, Spear Top, and Picket Top. Aluminum can be customized further with post caps, privacy slats, and more.


flat top aluminum

Flat Top Aluminum

Flat top aluminum is our most popular style of aluminum fencing. It provides a crisp, modern look for those customer's wanting the durability and ease of maintenance of a standard aluminum fence.

This style of aluminum includes a straight rail at the top and bottom of each panel. It provides security by not allowing large animals or people to crawl under, but still provides a decorative touch.

spear top aluminum

For customers wanting a more traditional and elegant style for their aluminum fence, spear top is a great choice. The style can be configured with the spears all the same height or staggered.

Spear top aluminum provides additional security for properties. While the tops of the spears are blunt, this style of aluminum fence is much harder to breach than the standard flat top.

Spear Top Aluminum

picket top aluminum

Picket Top Aluminum

Picket fences are a timeless addition to any yard, and aluminum picket fences are no exception. This style provides a light, airy feel to front and backyards.

Aluminum fences in picket top can also be heavily customized. Various finials can be added on top of the straight pickets to elevate the style even further. These finials include: quad, triad, and fleur de lis.

custom options

One great advantage of aluminum fencing is that it is very customizable. Our standard options can be further customized to as a double picket style or puppy picket style. Aluminum post caps can be modern or ball cap. Butterfly scrolls can also be added to the fence for a more ornate look.

Horizontal aluminum is a modern alternative to the traditional vertical picket style. We work with a custom fabricator that can design and create any style of aluminum that our customers are looking for.

Custom Aluminum Options
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