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Mikey Timmons


    "I started learning craftsmanship and trade work with my step-dad when I was younger. From household repairs in kitchens and bathrooms, to constructing fences and decks, each project helped me develop a strong work ethic. He instilled in me various practices and principals such as: "measure twice cut once", build each project for longevity, and  that every job has your name and reputation on it.

   After working in the restaurant industry for over 10 years, I've sharpened my skills in sales, effective management, and customer service. I made the transition to the fencing industry because I believed that my partner and I could offer high quality work coupled with first-class customer care. Let us give you the peace of mind and the security of a properly installed fence."



Charlie Peters


     "I grew up in the construction industry and worked for a fence company for many years. Since then I've worked in a variety of occupations with a predominant focus on sales and customer service. During that time, I learned that no matter what company I worked for, stellar customer service was always a pivotal part.

     When starting this company I knew that Mikey had unparalleled focus, rigorous attention to detail and an exceptional dedication to quality. Pairing that with my years of customer service and sales skills, I knew that merging our talents together would make for a successful business that creates maximum value for our customers.  Together we've set out to make Central Florida Fence Company into one driven by the quality of service we provide, rather than the quantity of jobs we can complete."

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