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The Timeless Look of a Wood Fence

Wood fences are popular and affordable. With a variety of wood species, this fence can suit your fencing needs.

A light colored wood fence with vertical pickets is actively being built and expertly leveled by Central Florida Fence Company, Mike

Timeless, Popular, and Affordable

Variety of wood species to suit your style and needs

Available in private or semi-private styles 

Like surviving the Florida humidity

Is a Wood Fence Right for You?

Choosing a fence material that is right for you can seem complicated. When you choose wood and work with us, you’ll get:

  • A timeless, affordable fence built by professionals

  • A custom fence where you choose the wood species, wood stain, a custom top cap, and a custom post trim in a private or semi-private style 

  • A fence that is built on site and never includes pre-built wood panels

  • Posts that are always cast in concrete and wood gates that are fabricated on site to ensure the highest quality

A wood fence with spaced out pickets is actively being built and expertly leveled by Central Florida Fence Company, Mike

Wood Species

Available wood species to suit your wood fencing needs, including: pressure treated pine, cedar, redwood, oak, and cypress.


Pressure treated pine is our standard and most commonly requested wood. Although pine is seen as the cheapest option, the pressure treatment makes it a stable choice in the Florida humidity.

A wood fence made of pressure treated pine provides privacy for a yard
Pressure Treated Pine

Pine is the most cost effective wood to build a fence with. While it doesn't have the natural mold, mildew, and rot protection that Cedar and Cypress offer, adding a stain or sealant to the pine will protect it for years to come. Pine also is regularly available in multiples shapes and sizes making it the easiest to source and the best candidate for custom builds. If budget is a top priority for your fence project, then pine is the wood for you.

A wood fence made of cedar with spaced out, horizontal pickets fences in a backyard

Cedar is a great wood choice for fences for a few reasons. Outside of the natural beautiful amber/reddish tones, cedar also is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations due to the natural oils and tannins found in this wood species. These same oils and tannins also make it more durable against shrinkage and warping. Overall Cedar is a great option for longevity and durability for a wood fence.

A zoomed in piece of a wood fence made of cypress

Cypress is the top of the line choice for a wood fence in Florida's climate. It offers the top protection against rot, mold, mildew, cracking, shrinking and insects. It's the priciest of the 3 options, but also the top quality wood for durability against the elements in our high humidity, high moisture state.

Style Options

Private Wood Fence

Privacy is generally the #1 concern for most homeowner's installing a fence. Here are some things you will want to know when you work with us:

  • Privacy is ensured with accurate craftsmanship. Your wooden fence will be hand built by experts to your exact dimensions and needs, ensuring that every picket is lined up correctly and of the highest quality. Be wary of other companies who use pre-built panels that are known to have gaps, cracks, and warp-age even before installation.

  • Privacy is established by fence height. Most privacy fences range from 6 ft. to 8 ft. high, depending on county or city restrictions. Such fences are a great choice for homeowners with dogs or children as they block the view of your property from neighboring homes. By creating a solid barrier, a wood privacy fence provides enhanced security and safety.

  • Privacy can be stylish. Styles for wood privacy fences include: Stockade, Board-on-Board, and California Horizontal.

Semi-Private Wood Fence

There is truth to "good fences make good neighbors." Here are some things you will want to know when you work with us:

  • Semi-private fences help outline boundaries. Your wooden fence can add a border to your front and back yard ensuring neighbors keep site lines fully intact. It can also close off certain sections of yards you may want to use for a particular purpose with privacy.

  • Semi-private fences with lower fence heights have benefits. Fences of this type come in a range of heights, from 3 ft. to 6 ft. tall. This fence can added privacy and wind protection while still maintaining some visibility.

  • Semi-private fences can be stylish. Shadowbox is the most common style for a 6 ft. tall semi-private fence. Picket fences are also popular for shorter fences. These can be in gothic style or dog ear style. For a more modern look, many customers are gravitating towards semi-private California Horizontal style fences.

The Fencing Process


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Create Fence Envy with a Safe Fence.

Say goodbye to worrying if your fence will withstand the next storm and say hello to a safe outdoor oasis with your new and improved Fence.

Central Florida Fence is a local company with a professional crew who uses quality materials to build excellent fences. They worked extra hard on our project to remove a difficult prior fence and then constructed a beautiful new one in four days. They were on-time, left a clean work site every day, were friendly, and delivered the fence just as promised. We got four different quotes and all were within $200 of each other. We are SO glad we went with Central Florida Fence!

Karen Jennemann

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What type of wood do you use? 

We will normally use Pressure Treated Pine unless the customer specifies they want a different species.We also offer Cedar and Cypress as well.

How long do Wood Fences last? 

The lifespan of a wood fence depends on various factors, including the type of stain/paint used, how often its treated, landscaping, and climate. In Florida, putting natural disasters aside, if properly maintained, a wood fence can hold up 20+ years. Wood fences in Central Florida need to be stained or painted every 2-3 years at minimum.

How much does a wood fence cost?

The cost of a wood fence can vary significantly depending on factors such as type of wood, height of fence, length of project, complexity of design, obstruction on or near the fence line, and more. On average for a standard board on board fence you can expect anywhere from $30-$40/ft. 

 How do I maintain a Wood Fence? 

To properly maintain your wood fence you need to make sure to have periodic washes of dirt and debris that can build up on your fence, this includes trimming any landscaping that grows to interact with your fence. You also need to make sure to keep up with regular staining/painting of the fence to protect it from rot, mold, mildew, etc. These steps along with replacing any rotten or broken pieces over the years ensures a long life for your wooden fence. 

Is Wood cheaper than Vinyl? 

A wood fence is only cheaper on the date of install. Once you factor in the very first stain/paint job to protect the fence (30-60 days after install date in FL) , a wood fence is now more expensive than the Vinyl fence installation.

Is it cheaper to use Pre-made Panels? 

Pre-made Panels are made with 5/8" pickets, 2x3 Support Rails, and smooth shank low quality nails. We use 2x4's for support rails and only Ring Shank Galvanized nails. The cost of the Pre-made Panels are usually around $85.00. The material cost of our panels are usually about $80.00. So even though the Pre-Made Panels involve less labor, the quality of product is vasily different. Don't use pre-made panels.

How do you prevent post rot?

We only use Pressure Treated Pine for our standard builds. The pressure treatment does an ok job, but to really beef up the durability of the posts we also offer post wrapping. It's basically a commercial grade plastic wrap that we tightly wrap around the posts from 2 inches above the soil, to 16 inches below the surface. We also offer metal post options on our wood fences for even better strength and longevity. 

What styles of wood fences do you offer? 

We offer all standard styles such as Stockade (Picket next to Picket), Board on Board (Pickets overlapping each other by 1"), Shadow Box (Alternating pickets on either side of the rails) Horizontal Full and Semi Private Options, as well as many custom options previous customers have thought up. 

Do you use concrete on the posts? 

We use 80lbs of concrete per post for our wood fences.

Learning Center

We know that getting a new fence or fence repair is a big decision. We’re here to provide some of our expertise so you can continue to make the best decisions for your home. 

A white vinyl fence with vertical pickets borders a yard with small rocks and miniature palm trees

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