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A Clean, Crisp Look of a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is the most popular choice for fence installations as it provides a uniform look while being strong enough to withstand Florida storms. 

A white vinyl fence with vertical pickets borders a yard with small rocks and miniature palm trees

Clean, Crisp, and Uniform Look

 Flexible, Strong, and requires Minimal Maintenance

Available in  Privacy, Semi-Privacy, and Picket Styles

Is a Vinyl Fence Right for You?

Choosing a fence material that is right for you can seem complicated. When you choose vinyl and work with us, you’ll get:

  • A crisp looking and durable fence built by professionals

  • A fence that requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wood that may need to be re-stained or re-painted, Vinyl is easier to upkeep

  • A flexible fence that can withstand hurricane level winds

  • More bang for your buck wit. Vinyl is actually 5 times stronger than wood and can withstand the Florida heat and humidity in terms of longevity. 

A white vinyl fence provides privacy to a residential home

Style Options

Private Vinyl Fence

Private vinyl fences are the best way to increase living size for your home without having to add an addition. Here are some things you will want to know when you work with us:

  • Privacy is ensured with no gap guarantee. With no gap between pickets, private fences secure an additional space for relaxation and amusement outside your home. These fences prevent unwanted animals or people from encroaching on your space. They also help to block out sound from neighboring homes.

  • Privacy with a customizable color. With a wide range colors for vinyl privacy fences, the most common color choices for vinyl are white and tan, followed by green. We custom build our panels when feasible, so you can customize the color options to your liking. If you want a white vinyl fence with a tan outline or a green vinyl fence with black accents posts, we can do it all!

  • Privacy with customizable textured look. Vinyl also offers some wood-grain and textured looks. If you like the look of a wood fence but dislike the durability that comes along with it, then a vinyl fence with textured pickets will meet your needs perfectly!

Semi-Private Vinyl Fence

Semi-private vinyl fences are a great option if you want the durability and security of a vinyl fence with maintaining air flow and allowing light to shine through. Here are some things you will want to know when you work with us:

  • Semi-private fence add durability and boundaries without feeling boxed in. You get all benefits of vinyl material with the benefits of a semi-private build. Outline your borders to neighbors while maintaining a nice breeze and light. These fences offer more security than a picket vinyl fence by limiting some visibility.

  • Semi-private fence with a customizable style. Semi-private fences can be custom built in various styles to suite your specific needs. Pickets can be vertical or horizontal and vary in sizes from 1.5" wide, 3" wide and 6" wide. You can alternate the picket sizes for a custom and modern feel.

  • Semi-privacy fence with customizable color. White, Tan and Adobe are the most common color choices for this style of fence.

Picket Vinyl Fence

What's not to love about a classic, white picket fence? This style of fencing is often the top choice for front yard fences. Here are some things you will want to know when you work with us:

  • Picket fences are timeless. This style is often seen as warm and inviting when added to a customer's front yard. Picket fences have been a superb addition to homes since colonial times, making this style a timeless option for anyone wishing to up their property value and aesthetic. 

  • Picket fences provide security to your front yard. Picket fences have the benefit of added security and property value, while keeping sight lines clear. They help keep children and pets contained, while still encouraging positive relations with neighboring homes.

  • Vinyl picket fences can stand the test of time. Just like all vinyl fences, white picket vinyl is resistant to heat, moisture, and pests. It is a low maintenance and easy to install material.

The Fencing Process


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Turn Your Fence Vision Into a Reality

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Create Fence Envy with a Safe Fence.

Say goodbye to worrying if your fence will withstand the next storm and say hello to a safe outdoor oasis with your new and improved Fence.

Central Florida Fence is a local company with a professional crew who uses quality materials to build excellent fences. They worked extra hard on our project to remove a difficult prior fence and then constructed a beautiful new one in four days. They were on-time, left a clean work site every day, were friendly, and delivered the fence just as promised. We got four different quotes and all were within $200 of each other. We are SO glad we went with Central Florida Fence!

Karen Jennemann

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

What brand of Vinyl do you use?

We typically only use Everstrong, Plygem, or Homeland Vinyl. All of those are made right here in the U.S.A. and all use 100% Virgin Vinyl with their own manufacturer warranties. 

Is Vinyl more expensive than Wood? 

Vinyl is only more expensive than wood on installation day. Once you factor the first stain/paint coat on the wood fence, the wood fence becomes more expensive. 

What's the best way to maintain your Vinyl Fence? 

The best product we use to clean and maintain our vinyl fences is Soft Scrub. Get the one with Bleach for White Vinyl and without bleach for Tan and other Colors of Vinyl.

Do you use concrete on the posts? 

We use 60lbs on concrete per post on all Vinyl Fence Builds. 

Do you offer any supports for the posts and rails? 

Our standard Vinyl Fences will include 9ft long Metal Post Inserts on all Gate Hinge Posts. We can always add more supports if you prefer, as well as rail inserts as well. (We only recommend more post inserts and rail inserts on 8ft tall Vinyl Fences)

Do you use pre-made Panels or Gates? 

We custom build all of our Panels and Gate for our Vinyl Fences. 

What color options do you offer for Vinyl? 

We have White and Tan Vinyl ready and in stock. We also offer Grey Vinyl, as well as multiple wood shades/designs of Vinyl. The Grey and Woodshades are special order and typically take about 4-5weeks to get delivered.

Learning Center

We know that getting a new fence or fence repair is a big decision. We’re here to provide some of our expertise so you can continue to make the best decisions for your home. 

A white vinyl fence with vertical pickets borders a yard with small rocks and miniature palm trees

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