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Vinyl fence

Vinyl fences are quickly taking over as the most popular choice for fence installations. Many homeowner's associations and new communities require vinyl  due to it's uniform look and durability.

Fences built with vinyl material require minimal maintenance, unlike wood fences that may need to be re-stained or re-painted. It's flexibility makes it a perfect choice for a state susceptible to hurricane level winds. Vinyl is actually 5 times stronger than wood, which means you get more value for your money.

In the Florida heat and humidity, vinyl wins out over wood in terms of longevity. The styles we offer include: Privacy, Semi-Privacy, and Picket.


private vinyl fence

Private vinyl fences are the best way to increase living size for your home without having to add an addition. With no gap between pickets, private fences secure an additional space for relaxation and amusement outside your home. These fences prevent unwanted animals or people from encroaching on your space. They also help to block out sound from neighboring homes.

We offer a wide range of styles and colors for vinyl privacy fences. The most common color choices for vinyl are white and tan, followed by green. We custom build our panels when feasible, so you can customize the color options to your liking. If you want a white vinyl fence with a tan outline or a green vinyl fence with black accents posts, we can do it all!

Vinyl can also come in various colors that offer wood-grain and textured looks. If you like the look of a wood fence but dislike the durability that comes along with it, then a vinyl fence with textured pickets will meet your needs perfectly!

Private Vinyl Fence

semi-private vinyl fence

Semi-private vinyl fences are a great option for customers that want the durability of a vinyl fence, while still maintaining air flow and allowing light to shine through. These fences offer more security than a picket vinyl fence by limiting some visibility.

Our semi-private fences can be custom built in various styles to suite your specific needs. Pickets can be vertical or horizontal and vary in sizes from 1.5" wide, 3" wide and 6" wide. We can alternate the picket sizes for a custom and modern feel. White, Tan and Adobe are the most common color choices for this style of fence.

If you like the durability that regular vinyl material provides but want to allow space for a breeze and added style, a semi-private vinyl fence is the perfect choice!


Semi-Private Vinyl

Picket vinyl fence

What's not to love about a classic, white picket fence? This style of fencing is often the top choice for front yard fences. They have the benefit of added security and property value, while keeping sight lines clear.

Just like all vinyl fences, white picket vinyl is resistant to heat, moisture, and pests. It is a low maintenance and easy to install material. This style is often seen as warm and inviting when added to a customer's front yard. They have the added benefit of keeping children and pets contained, while still encouraging positive relations with neighboring homes.

Picket fences have been a superb addition to homes since colonial times, making this style a timeless option for anyone wishing to up their property value and aesthetic. Call us today for your free site walk!

Picket Vinyl Fence
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