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How Much Will A New Fence Cost? 

We're Glad You Asked! Other fencing companies avoid this question. The truth is there are a variety of factors that go into a new fence/project. Below are figures to help you get a ballpark cost. Request a site walk to get a customized free estimate today!


Factors That Influence Fence Pricing

Each fencing project is unique. The best way to get a clear estimate is to get in touch with the team to go over wants/needs and request a site walk. A lot of factors go into the cost of a fence, here are a few:

  • Material

  • Labor

  • Permits

  • Linear footage

  • Ground conditions

  • Location

  • Gates

  • Any removal of old fences or obstructions

  • Customization

  • & More

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Pricing Averages Including Permits, Materials, Labor and All. It is also good to note that we do have minimum costs.

Wood Board-on-Board Custom Trim 2_edited


Board on Board and Stockade: $30-$36 per foot on average for projects over 100ft

SleekFence Semi 4_edited_edited.jpg


SleekFence: $145-$155 per foot on average projects over 100ft

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White Vinyl: $34-$40 per foot on average projects over 100ft

Tan Vinyl: $38-$44 per foot on average projects over 100ft

Chain Link_edited.jpg

Chain Link

Residential Grade Chain Link: $24-$30 per foot on average projects over 100ft (depending on height of fence)



6ft 3 Rail Aluminum: $34-$40 per foot on average projects over 100ft
5ft 3 Rail Aluminum: $32-$38 per foot on average projects over 100ft
4ft 3 Rail Aluminum: $30-$36 per foot on average for projects over 100ft

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The Fencing Process


Get a Free Estimate

You can either call 407-984-6369 or schedule a free site walk and estimate around your schedule.


Turn Your Fence Vision Into a Reality

Sit back and relax as the work begins. From site walk to install date and beyond we're here to help answer any questions to make your dream a reality.


Create Fence Envy with a Safe Fence.

Say goodbye to worrying if your fence will withstand the next storm and say hello to a safe outdoor oasis with your new and improved Fence.

Central Florida Fence is a local company with a professional crew who uses quality materials to build excellent fences. They worked extra hard on our project to remove a difficult prior fence and then constructed a beautiful new one in four days. They were on-time, left a clean work site every day, were friendly, and delivered the fence just as promised. We got four different quotes and all were within $200 of each other. We are SO glad we went with Central Florida Fence!

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Learning Center

We know that getting a new fence or fence repair is a big decision. We’re here to provide some of our expertise so you can continue to make the best decisions for your home. 


For Peace of Mind Schedule Your Free Estimate 

Get Your Fence Taken Care of by a Trusted Central Florida Fencing Company.

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